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We've All Been There!

Ticketing Professionals.

As ticketing professionals who have walked in your shoes as box office managers and ticket office staff at festivals and venues around the world, we understand how time consuming it can be to manage your ticket holds. For many box offices, this often manual process takes up valuable staff time that could otherwise be spent on improving your customer service, selling shows and even improving the morale of your box office.

Releasing Holds.

Red61's Automation Manager can automatically release your holds inventory from your seating maps and general admission configurations - everything from press seats to management holds, to whatever you need to schedule. Automation greatly reduces the volume of emails from other departments, your stakeholders and the box office, while ensuring you don't miss a step while dealing with customers or when out of the office.

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Increase Productivity.

Take your box office from manual to manageable with Red61's Automation Manager and partner with a technology solution that can save you hundreds of hours of manual work each year. We know you'd rather have your box office team making sales or improving a customer's experience rather than stuck releasing ticket holds. Automating your hold releases is like a pep talk for your box office team - giving the team and their productivity a boost.


Holds You Can Automate

Special Inventory

Set aside a seating or inventory allocation and let the system do the work for you.  If the inventory has not been used, the Automation Manager will automatically release the remaining inventory at the time you want so you don't have to remember to do this task. Your tickets will be back on sale or safely back in your inventory just the way you scheduled it.

Management Holds

No more last minute scrambles to check to see who is in those special seats or to make sure you haven't missed an important email or phone call.  All of your management and venue holds can be programmed to release before or after the event begins, whether it is general admission or reserved seating.


Set Yourself Apart from the Rest

Red61's Automation Manager is one of the most innovative features in today's modern ticketing landscape. We know that connection, customer service and time management are the precious commodities of a successful box office. With Red61's suite of progressive, time-saving and revenue-generating tools, you can quickly set your office apart from the crowd.

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