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Let us help you transform your festival or venue reporting.


Getting the info you need - in the way you need it - is critical to running your festival or venue efficiently and with confidence.  With Datafeed, available in every system report in Red61, you can access a live data stream of what matters to your organisation, any time you need it.


The ability to run sales reports with target revenue goals, manage accessible seating, run membership reports, or monitor access control is as easy as running a simple Excel report.

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Datafeed runs in the background of any report with Red61, either in excel, a web browser, or another external reporting application, and real time info is displayed with a simple refresh of the report.


Let us show you how Datafeed can make a dramatic difference in your day to day.


Datafeed allows for unlimited system reports and you can add other calculation fields in your Excel spreadsheet that can be combined with system data.  We can work with your existing templates or provide you with ones to suit the needs of your business.

At Your Fingertips

Ultimately Datafeed puts the power at the user's fingertips - creating timely, accurate, intuitive and critical reporting capabilities while making it easy to share with internal staff or external stakeholders.


We work with some amazing festivals and venues around the world.

"I use Datafeed to create an Excel spreadsheet that gives me access to up to date ticket sales across all of our programmes.  From that, I'm able to compile several different Datafeeds to list all information such as total sales value, number of tickets issued, value of full price and concession price tickets.  It's especially useful to track the value of tickets on reserve and follow up on outstanding payments during the busy festival period.  It's also great for sharing with colleagues who may not have access to the Red61 client or who want more flexibility than scheduled sales reports."

Cat Smith

BOX OFFICE AND OPERATIONS MANAGER, Edinburgh international book festival

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