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Manage My Tix


Developed by Red61, Manage My Tix is a microsite used to manage complimentary tickets, making the entire process easier and automated for clients.


Manage My Tix saves hours of manual effort for box office, marketing and administrative teams who traditionally have to process complimentary requests by hand while managing request with multiple emails.

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Manage My Tix allows media, industry and other special parties to request complimentary tickets through the site, providing a one-click approval email to both the requestor and the arts organisation. The Producer portal can also allow producers to organize complimentary tickets for guests at their own events to self-manage their allocation.


Manage Complimentary Tickets


Set approvals to ensure requests meet your guidelines and manage complimentary ticket numbers before they are approved. Manage My Tix will automatically create a reservation and confirms the order in Red61.

Ease the Work

The overall ease of the entire process limits the possibility for error by allowing for different streams of complimentary tickets to be easily managed by staff and eliminates manual entry.


We work with some amazing festivals and venues around the world.

"This is the second year that we have used the microsites and portal for comp requests and overall feedback from both producers and customers has been really positive. It's a great improvement in our previous manual process of booking comps. The ability for customers to track their requests through the microsites is great, allowing them to easily see which requests have been approved and which are still waiting."

Shirrah Comeadow

Business operations and systems manager, melbourne fringe

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