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Take your ticketing from average to AMAZING. By unlocking the ability to accept Smartcards and RFID capabilities to your ticketing and access control, you are not only making your ticketing operations more efficient, but you are also able to track everything immediately. Ease of use from the inside out is what puts Red61 clients and their customers ahead of the pack.

Simple and Powerful.

With Red61's Smartcards and RFID capabilities, it's possible to give your Front of House team full, instant and accurate access to what customers, members, passholders, media and VIPs are doing. Follow your customer's journey from their entry to admissions at your various events.  A modern and convenient experience will exceed your customers expectations.

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Improved Experience.

Red61 is always looking for ways to improve your customer's experience. Smartcards and RFID technology can completely transform your ticketing operation, while reducing administrative time, saving you money by reducing the need for ticket stock, all while empowering your Front of House and Box Office teams to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

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Unprecedented Results

Eliminate Printed Tickets

For such a massive improvement to your box office workflow, the ability to integrate Smartcards and RFID actually requires very little technology to run and works with mobile devices, apps and tablets. This saves you time and energy by eliminating the need to print tickets and allowing you to offer an innovative technology solution that dramatically improves the customer experience.

Exclusive Level of Service

The Smartcard and RFID value is attached to the customer account to be used for membership cards, wristbands, passes and other forms of admissions. If you already have cards of passes preprinted, just add an RFID sticker and you can link it to the system. With that in place, your Front of House team can tap the card or pass to scan the customer in, sell a ticket, or tap with an NFC reader to pull up the account at the box office. 

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Adopting RFID and Mobile Technology

With Red61's Smartcard and RFID technology, you can provide an exclusive level of service to your members and passholders that will SET YOU APART from the rest.

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