Creating a Pass

Set Up a Scheme

A Scheme is used to create passes in the system as it provides the ability to create a pass that is purchased and can be used to then redeem applicable events. 

Click on Setup and Schemes.

Click New. Leave the Scheme type as Fixed Dates. Enter a Title and Code (eg. Show Pass/Showpass). Enter today's date in the start field (the date it will be on sale to allow a test purchase). Enter the day after the event festival for the End Date. For example:

In Scheme Tiers click Add.

Enter the Title and Code. Enter the Price (the price the customer will pay for the pass). Enter the relevant amount of tickets the pass allows. The below example allows the customer to book 1 ticket each for 2 performances with the pass.

Click OK then click Save to complete the pass setup. The Pass is now created and can now be linked to a Ticket Offer to provide customers with the ability to redeem. Click on Set Up and Ticket Offers.

Click New Offer. Enter a Title and Code.

Click New to create a new concession (price type).

Click Save. In Restrictions click Add. Select Scheme Membership and Limit from the Restriction Type dropdown.

Then click Search and select the Scheme you created.

Click Save. With the Offer highlighted, click Add Promotion. Enter a Title and Code and then click Add beside the Inclusions section. This step links the promotion and offer to the relevant events.

Click on the Linked To drop down and select the relevant option. If customers can choose any event across the festival, Season is the recommended option. If the offer is for specific shows you can select the option that fits other scenarios the best. The Priceband Concession tick box determines how your customers add their tickets to the basket: Priceband Concession box ticked: the pass ticket will display in the list of available tickets and customers who are logged in with either a pass on their account or in their basket are able to add it to basket. Priceband Concession box NOT ticked: Customers add a Full Price ticket to their basket and if they have a pass on their account or in their basket, the ticket changes to a pass ticket at the basket stage. Click OK and Save. Once you have a pass purchased or added to the basket in a test online account, the process of redeeming a pass can be tested by then selecting the relevant events.


You just created your first pass in the system! You might have to refresh your screen or clear your cache if you are currently in an online microsite session.