Light Up Your Ticketing with Red61

Red61 works with many organisations that present a long list of complicated ticketing scenarios: from multiple entrances to tens of thousands of scanned attendees.  The commitment to recognizing local residents and providing excellent customer service across the board can be key drivers in selecting a ticketing company.

We provide technology that can make sure your local residents have the chance to buy tickets first, while providing the best buying experience, flexible ways to book and a reassurance that your customers feel that they are really being looked after.

Red61 offers a flexible ticketing platform that has been built off the strength of continuous work with our clients.  We make the ticketing process quick, easy, simple and organized.

Stand Out with Exclusive Offers and Benefits

Beyond the task of managing the standard ticketing process for your events, the ability to provide automated, exclusive access and benefits to your customers can help you stand out from the crowd.

Offer free tickets to local residents, while also providing a standard paid structure for out-of-area visitors.  With Red61, those customized restriction types are already in place from the beginning for both online and box office environments - categories like PostCode, Customer Category, Early Bird, Last Minute and even the ability to customize offers by performance/event, by concession (discount/price type) or time.  You can also set up drink offers, limits per performance and upsell options, like encouraging the purchase of a membership to access an offer.

Want to offer 25% off to customers buying more than one event?

Want to offer a new member promotion?

Want to give local residents a head start on tickets?

Want to set up opening or closing night special offers?

All of this is possible with Red61, with no special reports to run, no lists to compare, no headaches - it's simple to configure and all there from day one.

Change your ticketing future with Red61.

Join the ranks of some of the largest arts festivals in the world and discover what Red61 can do for your business.