Red61 continues their market reach in North America by providing the ticketing solution to FRIGID New York

Red61, the Edinburgh based Ticketing as a Service software company, welcomed their first US client FRIGID New York who went on sale with events at their New York venues the Kraine Theater, Under St. Marks, and digitally on Frigid TV. Red61 has been rapidly expanding in Canada over the last few years and the emergence in the US market is a natural progression for the company’s North American presence.

Because of the strong network of fringe festivals between Canada and the US, FRIGID New York was keen to leverage a ticketing solution used by many of their industry peers in Canada. In 2006, FRIGID New York was proudly accepted into the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, and FRIGID Festival was born. FRIGID Festival, the first festival of its kind in New York City, is a winter Fringe festival and is an entirely open and uncensored Indie theater festival, in which the artists keep 100% of their earnings.

Erez Ziv, Managing Artistic Director of FRIGID New York

“We are very excited to relaunch our website this year with Red61 at its heart, we have been hearing great stories about this organization from our international festival friends for years. We have been very excited about all the cool new things we will be able to do with the tools we are seeing. We look forward to navigating, with Red61, their first commercial US relationship. We hope it is the first of many new relationships”, says Erez Ziv, Managing Artistic Director of FRIGID New York.

"We are incredibly excited to welcome FRIGID New York as our newest client and we look forward to helping them grow their business as we expand ours. Strong partnerships have been key to our success from day one and we believe this will be yet another key cornerstone,” says Jeff Koets, COO of Red61.

About Red61:

Red61 is a leading worldwide Ticketing as a Service software company, providing audience management and ticketing solutions for festivals, venues, agencies, and attractions. Red61 makes the ticketing process quick, easy, simple, and organised for clients across the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Papua, New Guinea, and the United States. From the very beginning as the ticketing solution for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, the world's largest arts festival, Red61 has worked collaboratively with our clients in a spirit of constant innovation to completely transform the customer journey and increase sales. For more information please visit:

About FRIGID New York:

FRIGID New York’s mission is to provide both emerging and established artists the opportunity to create and produce original work without limit to content, form, or style, and to amplify their diverse voices. This is done by presenting an array of monthly programming, mainstage productions, an artist residency, and 7 annual theater festivals that create an environment of collaboration, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1998, the aim was and is to form a structure, allowing multiple artists to focus on creating and staging new work and providing affordable rental space to scores of independent artists. Now in its third decade, FRIGID has produced a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater. For more information please visit: