Sample Online Microsite/Shopping Cart in WordPress

Click on the link to view the live Sandbox microsite. When events are created or updated in the Red61 desktop client application, they will appear online when set On Sale.

Navigate through the site to test the shopping cart process.

Create a new account with your email to fully test the customer experience.

You can use this "dummy" credit card to complete and test transactions. You can save the card details to your test account(s).

Fake Credit Card Number: 4111111111111111

You can also enter a fake name and use a testing free service such as mailinator to populate an email address to test additional accounts ie. {enterafakename}

Expiry: Any future date: ie. 1226

Security Code: 123

WordPress Administrative Site

Administrators at your organisation will receive a login for your WordPress instance administration site. Here you can customise the site using some of the built-in features. Click on the paintbrush Customise option to view changes you can make on the left navigation bar. You will receive an email with how to access this along with a temporary username and password.

Username: Upon request if required

Password: Upon request if required

Red61 System - Desktop Client

User Name: REDHAR

Password: Hello222!

The system is currently downloaded from a Splash page to a desktop or laptop.  The system is Cloud based hosted, so data is stored at our AWS hosting facilities. You may need to upgrade Java 11 if not already installed.

Installation Steps

The following is the install instructions for getting the ticketing application installed on to your computer. This is where the configuration and population of the system takes place.

Install Instructions:

Install Java 11 (if you don't already have this installed)

Red61 software requires Java 11 to run on PC/Mac. It works with various distributions but our recommended one is the Amazon Coretto version, which is completely free to use (unlike the more common Oracle version which has in recent years moved to being free for personal use only and not for business use).

All the available installation types for Coretto 11 can be found here:

However, to save sifting through that list the two most commonly used would be these two:

Windows x64 -

MacOS x64 -

Mac Users

There are a few different elements required to successfully install and launch the Red61 Client application on your Mac computer, compared to a Windows installation. This is largely dependent on the operating system being used, and the different methods Windows and Mac offer for granting approval of the application.

Installation of Java/Amazon Corretto 11 (see the download link above)

Before installing the Red61 application, the user must ensure they have downloaded and installed version 11 of either Amazon Corretto or Oracle Java. It is also important that any older versions of Java on their Mac are completely uninstalled and removed from the computer, before beginning the download of version 11. This will ensure there is no interference with the old version when installing the Red61 application.

Download of Red61 Ticketing Application

The Red61 client application can now be downloaded from your instance Admin page in your browser. This link will always be set as follows:

[instance code].admin.red61.[geo] (geo may either be,, or ca)

Use the Download for Mac option to download the application file to your computer. Once the downloaded file is within your Downloads folder, double-click the file. This will list the Red61 application as a new option under the Locations section of your Finder.

Grant Approval of Application on your Mac

Users will see the following warning upon first attempting to open the application.

This indicates that you need to grant approval for the application to confirm it is being downloaded by an identified developer.

You can grant an exception for a blocked application by clicking the Open Anyway button in the Security & Privacy preferences on your Mac. This button is available for about an hour after you first open the app.

To change these preferences on your Mac, choose Apple > System Settings, and navigate to the Privacy & Security list. Scroll down to the Security section, and you'll be presented with the message highlighted below. 

Microsoft Windows Users

1. Click on the desktop client link above to download and select Download for Windows.

2. The client file will download to the lower left of your computer screen. Double click to install it. If you receive a security warning, select More Info - Run Anyway.

3. The Client will create a new menu folder or you can select where to download it to.

4. Install.

5. Click on Next.

6. Click Finish to close setup. It will start to install the desktop Client. Red61's databases are hosted in the UK, Australia and Canada for our customers in these regions. By installing the desktop Client, you are not downloading the database. The databases are securely hosted at our hosting facilities.

7. The screen will display Validating....

8. You may get a Client/Server Time Zone Mismatch. Ignore this and click OK.

9. Login to the Client with the test login credentials provided.

10. To relaunch it after you have logged out the first time or to create a Windows desktop shortcut in order to launch, click on the Windows Start button which should be located in your computer's task bar. Search for Red61. Find the Red61 icon in the list (ie. red61 - client - demo - Live) and click on it to launch and Pin to Start or to your Taskbar.

The system can now be launched from the desktop icon by double-clicking on it or from the Windows Start menu. For PCI compliance, if not active in the system, the user will be logged out. The login screen will be presented and simply re-enter the password to continue the secure session.

Uninstall after you have finished your trial of the system 

For Mac OS Downloads

Locate the Red61 Client application in your Mac's Finder.

Drag the application to your Trash folder, or select the application & choose File > Move to Trash.

To uninstall the application completely, select Finder > Empty Trash.


In the Windows Search bar, type the name of your instance, then click 'Open File Location' to locate the application in your User's system folders.

In the same folder as your downloaded Client application, an 'Uninstall' file will also be available. Double-click on this file to uninstall the application.

The application is then uninstalled, and you are taken to a file wizard, where you can click 'Finish' to complete the process.

For JNLP Downloads using Windows OS

1. Find the shortcut of the system created on your desktop and delete it.

2. Search "Control Panel". Search "Java". Open Java. At Temporary Internet Files, click on the View button.

3. Locate the Client applications from the list by selecting from the dropdown Show: Applications (ie. they should be labeled sandbox). Click on them to highlight the line and click on the red X to delete them.

4. Click on Show: and select Resources. Click on the URL heading to sort the urls. Click on any of the sandbox URL's to highlight the line and click on the red X to delete them.

5. To complete uninstallation, click on the Show: Deleted Applications and highlight the sandbox line and click on the red X to delete it. The Client and any Java applications related to it have now been deleted and you have successfully uninstalled.

Help Documentation

We provide system training as part of each implementation. To guide you through the sandbox, here are some helpful guides for frequently used functions in the system. Click on the function to view instructions. Re-enter your password for this sandbox site for access.

Selling a Ticket

Creating an Account

Setting Up an Event

Creating a Pass

Front of House App  

View our Front of House app, that is downloadable from the Google Play store once you are a Client. The app can scan tickets, sell tickets, and has a customer list that can be clicked if a barcode or ticket does not scan.

Other Features

Once we get started on your implementation project, we have many other great features we can introduce to you with our flexible and evolving software platform.  Thank you for visiting the Sandbox!